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The GMS promotes research on minerals and trace elements at the interface between medicine, nutrition, biology, chemistry and related scientific disciplines and offers an interdisciplinary platform for the exchange of ideas between basic research and practice. GMS is a member of the European Association for Trace Elements and Minerals (FESTEM - www.festem.eu) and represents the German-speaking countries in the international scientific association.



Dear Trace Element Researchers

The registration for the small online congress this year is open and free of charge for members of one of the societies and early stage researchers. The focus will be on presentations (poster and oral) of early stage researchers and some selected talks of established researchers.


Please register fast for the online congress this year, since the time is short, due to the unclear situation under the pandemic.

For further information please visit www.ictem.de

DEADLINE Abstacts: June 15th 2021

DEADLINE Registration: July 15th 2021

The GMS is happy to invite you to join our virtual seminar which will be given on Monday the 5th of July at 05.15 pm

Hans Zischka from the Helmholtz Zentrum München will talk about Copper.